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RED ALERT ! ! ! ! CREATIVITY STOLE! ctrl+v from Akshath

stolen again

Originally uploaded by akshath
I would like to simply say, want to use someone elses effort !!!!! so do it with thier permission……. I m sure this hoarding is being witnessed by all the people in bengaluru [think about this]-lol…… so every time u see this…. just remember.. its not original…….

The photography you can see in this pic, of a mehendi hand, was originally shot by Akshath….. and is used by the magazine without his notice, which is so wrong…

Here is the link of the original pic:
If art can be stolen like this………..they are gonna make creative ppl stop showcase their works to the real audience….. and soon it will be…no more thinking as well….
You think u can support him, just get this across to people you know…….After all we are the people and we are the FORCE……

By the way, as I was posting this , my buddy pinged me and said this is the second time its happening to this guy…. how sad.. here is the steal 1:

And for a minute I was like.. this is really not done.. and I also want to add something.. that I think Akshath also should be doing something about this.. like disabling downloads by some means…if flickr does give us that option….. its one effort to stop these kinds of atrocities…..



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