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Need to fish them out: Orkut Game Link Phishing

I logged into my gtalk today evening, like any other day to say hi to all my buddies, now that gtalk has become a major medium to keep in touch with my buddies. I found Sindhu aka Syn online….

me: Hey syn, sup! longtime

syn: read this, its urgent. Will talk to you in leisure later.

me: wat happened

syn: read it.

I went ahead and clicked. And read it to find that, her orkut account had been hacked into through a phishin link that her friend pestered to click on… and that guy( still under suspision) has hacked in to her account and mailed abusive and obscene message to her friends, even texted them crap about her.  I really felt bad for the kinda mails she had to face through and for the explanations that she had to give to her friends. Well, this reminds me of someone hackin into my yahoo mail some years ago, i still dunno how? anyways… I fail to understand what kind of sadistic pleasure do these guys get by doing so. Ok, I would even think its the way the world is, if it was some uinknow arse hole, but here the it seems to be her ol buddy…… ” dude, i really think you need to GROW UP”

Well, guys readin this, please do not click on any kinda spam link you get in your orkut scraps and also think twice and check twice before logging in and out of some site.

Please do write about this happening and make the other friends of yours aware. As my friend Sindhu and me would not like to see anyone face the same thing.

Please take your time to submit the Orkut Games link ( to

and she was all 😦 😦 and continues sayin:

me: strangle him the next time yoe see him…
syn: i wish
me:well i don think you should even see him…
not worth it… if he as don thin
lik this
syn: is there any way i submit chat histories of the account abuse to google?
i have the chat records of what obscene things he said to all my friends using my account
If you guys find out how we can submit these records to google do let us know ok. 🙂


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