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Try a Supermarket, if you want to fly

Book Stand at the Food World

In a dilemma where to find a passport form. NOW! available right at any food world supermarket for Rs. 10 πŸ™‚

Was walking down a road near my house after eatin some chat. My buddy and thought we would drop by at the food world to get some coke to fight the next day’s heat. As my friend was busy shopping and picking up more stuff than planned, thought would let him alone. I was standing near the book rack where and checking out some magazines… and to my surprise!!!! Look what I found there, the Indian Passport Application Form available for Rs. 10 (I’m glad they haven’ added some extra tax since it is in some supermarket) I was like, what the…. questions started popping up, well is this a good thing to happen or a bad thing. Well, the good thing would be, making things more available to the common man who might not be aware or busy to get an application form. I do think it is a big proof of an individual’s citizenship. And on the flip-side, aren’t they making it too easy for the people. Make them lazy to move their ass off to a the GPO (General Post Office) or the passport office to get one. Well, anyways it is here now. But still it is not all that noticable with all the beautiful women posing on the magazine covers, great looking cars on a few and some boring business stuff!!!! It surely is not in the limelight.

Finally, I landed up picking up one too. Well, are you asking if I’m part of the lazy ones. It’s a NO! I did go to the passport office to pick one up and I did too around 6 months ago. Now the form looks old, so to have a fresh start I picked one up here! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru

Finally, the ‘Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru (Bangalore)’ has made it into my list of cafes (this one is not really a coffee shop) visited. I was pretty impressed with ambience of the place, well designed aesthetically, well lit (loved the light at the table, I was sitting with Raghu & Hrish) It does carry the mood of Rock with the music being played throughout. Honestly, after visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, the other cafes in Bangalore looked under-done and felt as f they really needed to give their place a face lift of some sort or maybe i’m too influenced as of now, lol! πŸ™‚

Okay! I think this place is surely worth a visit. Here are some pics clicked at the Hard Rock Cafe by Hrish:

As of now, check it out in the above link. Will try gettin the pics embeded, when I find time.

Here is a short feel-about & Know-about of ‘ The Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru’

Location: St. Mark Road, Bangalore (Next to MG Road)

Ambience: Great and rRocky (literally, just like the name), Well lit lights.

Service: I would say, it was okay! cause they keep pestering you politely to keep ordering something or the other. And you need to ask a million times for water. Gotta be specific on how many glasses of water your table needs. Otherwise might land up getting it only for the person who asked for. Should appreciate the service otherwise is great. KUDOS for that.

Cost: Expensive/ Affordable. Can have a good time with a li’l deep pockets.

My order: Banana Smoothie: 180 Rs. and Jumbo Non-veg Combo (excellent choice of order) -500 Rs. French Fries: 100 Rs. Must say, yummy food they got. APPLAUSE

Overall: I would rate it 8/10

Evada Poyi? Trivandrum here I come

bibomediacom_104835.pngA chance to get out of the city buzz of Bangalore. I will be heading to Trivandrum today evenin by bus in 8 hrs from now. Have been hearing loads of things about ‘Gods Own Country’ ever since God created me. The lush green land, countless coconut trees, the Mallu English, the fish dishes πŸ™‚ and the backwaters. Never got to make it there though been living in India from the time I was born. Its a pity that most of us do not know our own country so well. So here is my step to getting to know my nation well enough. Will be there for a weeks time starting today!

I am all geared for it:

  • Back Pack
  • Digi Cam
  • My notebook
  • My pod
  • And loads of new Malayalam words πŸ˜€ (got my buddy to teach me some, so that I can take care of my basic conversations with ’em)

Thads it foor now! Shall post looads of potos when I get bagk froom KEErala….. and juzt praayingg dhat I haave enersy to write my bloag when I em bagk….. (thats for the accent:)]


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