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Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru

Finally, the ‘Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru (Bangalore)’ has made it into my list of cafes (this one is not really a coffee shop) visited. I was pretty impressed with ambience of the place, well designed aesthetically, well lit (loved the light at the table, I was sitting with Raghu & Hrish) It does carry the mood of Rock with the music being played throughout. Honestly, after visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, the other cafes in Bangalore looked under-done and felt as f they really needed to give their place a face lift of some sort or maybe i’m too influenced as of now, lol! ūüôā

Okay! I think this place is surely worth a visit. Here are some pics clicked at the Hard Rock Cafe by Hrish:

As of now, check it out in the above link. Will try gettin the pics embeded, when I find time.

Here is a short feel-about & Know-about of ‘ The Hard Rock Cafe – Bengalooru’

Location: St. Mark Road, Bangalore (Next to MG Road)

Ambience: Great and rRocky (literally, just like the name), Well lit lights.

Service: I would say, it was okay! cause they keep pestering you politely to keep ordering something or the other. And you need to ask a million times for water. Gotta be specific on how many glasses of water your table needs. Otherwise might land up getting it only for the person who asked for. Should appreciate the service otherwise is great. KUDOS for that.

Cost: Expensive/ Affordable. Can have a good time with a li’l deep pockets.

My order: Banana Smoothie: 180 Rs. and Jumbo Non-veg Combo (excellent choice of order) -500 Rs. French Fries: 100 Rs. Must say, yummy food they got. APPLAUSE

Overall: I would rate it 8/10

Midnite Ooota…..

fork and knifeHello….. I m so hungry.. its 1 30 am as i m writing this post. I was talkin to my fren on Gtalk… and suddenly this whole topic of “if hari can cook” came up… and I was telling her that i could…….. this all led to make me feel even more hungry… so I couldn resist any longer………. put my fren on hold.. and went on a quest of food in my kitchen… just to find a few HIDE n SEEK biscuits only and a golden pear to eat.. I was glad I found atleast that… lol… cause generally there is another midnite food stealer in my house… thought he would hav finished it….. luckily it was my midnite snack he he……. so i got it back to my room with a glass of ice cold water… just in case you see……

Its a different worldly feel altogether eating at this time……. so try it at home he he…..

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. says a old quote…… eat a midnite dinner like hari.. says the new quote he he ūüėÄ

MOCHA!!!!! is in Bangalore now – lavelle road! :)

Here are few pics i clicked through my mob cam. At MOCHA bangalore…. . when i was there.. its a cool place:) well done i should say!!!!

Hrish & Hasina- try gettin a glimpse,, he he Its MOCHA wallMOCHA lounge25-09-07_2115.jpgHUKKA…. OOOOFFFFFFFFFFFYUMMMY food there at MOCHA and cofee as well


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