More posts I Promise!

Long time since I entered this space of my world. Every time I log on to the virtual space of my world, something stopped me from writing my words. Cannot reason it with anything concrete. Again, I convinced myself with the so called ‘writer’s block’, but giving that a thought, does it last for months together?

Today morning, when I woke up. I thought nothing moves without a kickstart. So, here I am. Back to my space of thoughts.

By the way, this is my first post from NID (National Institue of Design). What am I doing here? Well, I have come to live my student life again and pursue my passion in filmmaking, doing my PG in Film and Video Communication. Oh! talking about my course, I have a lots to write on the list of movies I have been watching, the history of cinema I have been exposed to in my first week and communication explained in a different spectrum altogether, that I have never seen before. My mind and intellect has been taken by a storm for a big good jolly ride where everything is fun and surprise. 🙂 Don’t I sound happy, for a fact, I AM! 🙂 Yeah, post college hours there is a whole new world I am living in with great new friends, interesting batch mates, yet-to-know seniors, brilliant campus nature, 3 floor climb to my room and lots more…

I promise ‘again’ to be regular on this space of mine.

I am off now for my classes on communicative studies.

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