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Barcamp Bangalore 5-winter edition on November 17 – 18, 2007 and FilmCamp is talking there


Barcamp 5 in Bangalore. For me its the first time, and i’m glad it is happening so soon. cause from the time I got to know some techie guys like thejesh, Hrish, Vinay. Vinu, HariKrishnan, I have heard them speak about Barcamp, and my curiosity really did increase a lot after that to know, what exactly happens there.. though these guys did explain to me what it was, but again “seeing is believeing more” πŸ™‚ And sometimes i thought, man! its BCB 5, that means I m four times ages behind all these techie guys, me lagging behind…but still, better late than never rite!!!!

So here it is finally, just for me πŸ˜€ he he…. JUST FOR ALL: Barcamp 50- winter edition at the IIM Bangalore on the 17th of november 2007. Be there… and you could get to MEET ME πŸ˜€ get lucky ppl and more great new friends and ppl around there.. that is what I m expecting atleast πŸ˜€

And ya another great news is that: we are having a indie film collective at the barcamp at 3 pm at the room called LATTE πŸ™‚ So there we are going to talk and discuss loads on films and issues related to films and filmmakers.

We will have the following people coming and talking on the respective topics πŸ™‚

Talks there are right now (but they could be re-ordered/changed later):

  • Lessons learnt while making of documentaries by children – Vijay

  • FilmCamp.TV’s introduction as a support system to the indie cinema movement – Hrish Thota

  • leveraging the know how of idlers hanging out at the numerous multimedia offerings in Bangalore – Pradeep Mangalath

  • Evolving trends in filmmaking and distribution in the digital world – Sanjay Nambiar

  • How can Indie Filmmakers come together and market their film for the big screen – Deepak H T

  • Why Indie Cinema is a disorganized sector and still fun to be in? – Roopam Baruah

  • How do we do screenings after we make films to justify the money involved – aamreeta gautam

  • Do we need critics for Indie cinema? – Raghunandan K S

And I m going to attend the session on ‘blogging’ as well, and lets see what the big bloggers gotta say about it as well…. I am just so looking forward for the sunrise ….see you all at the BCB 5 – winter edition and yes, I m trying to get a camera to get some shots, lets see πŸ™‚

For more information on BCB 5:


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