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May Day ke Naam par: I s’cream at Rs. 9

We chill this summer for cheap. All thanks to ‘The May Day’. At the Sigma Mall, the Gelato Italiano ice cream at Rs. 9. Raghu, Hrish and me were hanging around at the food court using the free wi-fi available he he… πŸ™‚ Well wat the hell… Ok!!! So I thought they deserved an acknowledgement. So here it is. Watch out for the pictures and also check out the guys belting on the ice cream.

“The presence was made pretty good by some pretty girls. Hrish was all glad it was summer for he could admire wearing micro mini skirts for lot.” (this line requested by Hrish Thota) Lots of discussion on who they can be who are tryin; badly to grab attention by some catwalks around.

Ok guys, now its not real summer here.. we have entered pre monsoon.Β  Cheers guys!

Well well well… we have a guest appearence as I m writing this from Sigma mall food court. Trumpet: Sistila Ganesh. My senior from college days, good to see him remember us and come by to say a hi πŸ™‚ Here he is, a single, handsome hunk:

Sistila Ganesh

Ok then, I need to get back to sharing some good ‘ol days with him now. Raghu is talking to him as of now. (people who are wondering who Raghu is! He is my best buddy)


Impressed with Tumblr

A couple of days back. A blog friend of mine Sindhu closed down her ‘wordpress blog’ only to be moving to her new blog site called … This act of hers did not really impact me or quiz me of why she did so. Again, it’s her blog, her posts and her absolute right. We just need to accept it, go ahead and subscribe to her new blog to continue to read her writings, for which she did take some effort in sending everyone her subscribe URL and her new address too!

Getting to the point…. the word ‘’ was the one which really made me think. It was pretty funny, but I did read a post in praises of it in Sindhu’s blog and the reason as to why she chose ‘Tumblr’. Today, finally I managed to remember and check it out. ‘’ Logged in. New user name/pw and entered the Tumblr world….

I should say I was impressed. It was clean, simple and nice. Which tempted to me to check out more of it. It ain’t option filled like WordPress. But still it served its purpose and one thing that really made me love it is…… it added my picture as the URL’s icon. Now, that ended with me having a tumblr blog now at this URL: http:/ …Guys, you can check out the URL icon.. its meeeeee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and I have called this “Spacing Mind’. As of now, posted a couple of posts as test… and I think I might post something soon at that addresss… but again nothing better than HOME…. so you shall continue reading more of me at this web space πŸ™‚

Share love, peace and happiness :D MERRY CHRISTMAS! HO HO HO

1133770349.jpgΒ I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. πŸ˜€

If you think you got loads of love, peace and happiness to share, there are people without it waiting to be given to. Do try making a difference in their lives πŸ˜€ I brought in aΒ big smile on my maids daughters face, I filled a Santa’s hat that i had bought for a story that I had written with loadss of chocolates and gave it to her. I felt like SANTA CLAUS all of a sudden.

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas everyone!

RED ALERT ! ! ! ! CREATIVITY STOLE! ctrl+v from Akshath

stolen again

Originally uploaded by akshath
I would like to simply say, want to use someone elses effort !!!!! so do it with thier permission……. I m sure this hoarding is being witnessed by all the people in bengaluru [think about this]-lol…… so every time u see this…. just remember.. its not original…….

The photography you can see in this pic, of a mehendi hand, was originally shot by Akshath….. and is used by the magazine without his notice, which is so wrong…

Here is the link of the original pic:
If art can be stolen like this………..they are gonna make creative ppl stop showcase their works to the real audience….. and soon it will be…no more thinking as well….
You think u can support him, just get this across to people you know…….After all we are the people and we are the FORCE……

By the way, as I was posting this , my buddy pinged me and said this is the second time its happening to this guy…. how sad.. here is the steal 1:

And for a minute I was like.. this is really not done.. and I also want to add something.. that I think Akshath also should be doing something about this.. like disabling downloads by some means…if flickr does give us that option….. its one effort to stop these kinds of atrocities…..


FilmCAMP – October 6 & 7, 2007- Freedom of cinema! ! ! – A review!

well..before you start reading….. let me just tell you that this is gonna be one real long post, so get a bottle of water and sandwich maybe, cause you are gonna read the 2days of filmcamp in one post….and all what we did, how we did and how it happened. πŸ™‚

Lights!!!!!! Camera!!!!! Action!!!!!!! these were the exact words for which many people had come together from all across the nation to share, learn and network at the filmCAMP  which happened at the SBMJC Bangalore celebrating the art of film making and to raise the spirit of independent cinema ! ! ! And I witnessed this happen there.

Talking about filmCAMP…….. I have two sides of a coin to this…. So this one is going to be one side of the coin which the most beautiful, the 2 days of event. The other side, hmmm I m gonna decide if I have to talk about it. If you really want to know, just pray that i feel like writing about it he he πŸ™‚

Finally the day came when all the effort was going to be evaluated…. and believe me, we actually did top the assessment i would say, anyways this is how the event went on….

Day 1: It was the morning of 6 October 2007, and the registered people were already present there at the venue much before the time assigned to them. I was really happy to see the passion, again we could also think many landed on the lines of curiosity. contd…

Day before i.e. 5th Oct, ’07 ( a reprise):The previous day which was a friday, I came to the venue put up a couple of banners, one on the gate and the other near the screening hall. Made sure we did make a point that we are serious in our motive. And by the end of friday (the next day was the BIG day) we made sure the sound was good, the cds played well, the projectors actually worked lol πŸ˜€ and the registration counting for the confirmed film makers and delegates. And arranging the flower for the felicitation of few amazing people who accepted out invitation to filmCAMP. I will talk about them in the following paragraphs…….. after all was set, I got some good help from the college students as well. So I should thank them as well……. oh yea Hrish Thota was also with me from evening as the poor chap had to come running all the way from Accenture located at the end of the world. We kinda set all the things by then for the next day, made sure Sanjay Jha’s hospitality was also taken care of (again credits to Hrish for booking the room for him at empire internation on church street) All done… we got back home….. ya Hrish stayed with me for two days..bugged the hell out of this guy for two days he he……meanwhile, there was another person in action, none other than Raghunandan, he was strongly working on the creatives for filmcamp (u know the badges, the posters of each film that was getting screened (again unfortunately due to lack of time we couldn’t?t manage it 😦 and digitalizing data from the mails we got) he did slog too…. but finally we got to print only a few posters and couple of banners….. that did good though.. but still there was lot more planned. but we had less time to kinda toggle between our chores……… cause as the day of the event came closer the ‘things to do list’ was also kinda getting bigger and bigger…. but ya we handled all the important part, I should say very well….. KUDOS to Ragu, hrish for the effort…. all done and set we head back home.. I hit the sack as soon as I reached………’

Back to Day 1: contd…..  I got into the hall, and on my way down……saw many people being so curious on what was filmcamp all about and talking among themselves.. which I felt good about..just a feel good factor you see!!!!!!…..

As I had already mentioned, we had the first Filmcamp in the seminar hall of CMS( and ya thanks to them as well for the support. And again we had to follow some protocols of the institute like ‘Lamp Lighting’ πŸ™‚ its not that we were against it or something.. it just happened to be that it was not in our list of things to do thats all! lol! πŸ˜€ and it all began from there… we had all the people registered flowing in and there were many walk-ins as well..who we asked them to wait for sometime as the seats were limited, though eventually we let them in for the filmcamp! And there we go…. START!

We had Mr. Satya ( the writer of swades, and the originally made by himself many years ago as well… and Ashutosh Gowariker had played Shah Rukhs role in it), and we had Vasanth Mokashi (script writer of famous Shankar Nags ‘Accident’ and also worked along with Girish Kasarvalli and many projects as well) and we also had the dept head of media from the college and yes the principal too.. :D  the formailties of felicitatiing the guest and lamp lighting all that happened. πŸ™‚ Then we had Mr.Satya taking over the stage from there onwards, he spoke about the few points like

  • Lack of good stories, the reason being we tend to look for stories though they are right around you. and many urban film maker cannot think at root level( in simple terms) whereas for a film maker from a rural background, gets and feel stories all around him.
  • Why imitate hollywood, or have a benchmark so
  • What should the new film makers be doing to get across their stories to producers ( the fighting spirit) and don give up attitude
  • A sneak peek of  the original "SWADES" in a fast forward way. (time constraint you see)
  • And also on few laws in film making and censorship (this topic co -incidentally landed up twice though.. and surprisingly once at the start and once in the end)

And yes we were really happy to have such eminent people with us for the first filmCAMP… and it was very nice of Mr. Satya to take up some questions from the audience as well.

We continued the session with a talk and screening by Mr.Vasanth Mokashi. He spoke about film making at his time….and also a screened a film on the lines of – scriptless cinmea – where the film was shot at the location without a script. It was a docu -autobiography, in which I felt it was more about self realizing himself. It was completely abstract with mirror images… Oh ya..

“Memories of this, that and other things” is what it was called. The reaction of the audience to this film varied….. few people related to it completly, whereas the people who really did not get it were the  I would say the younger generation….. which kinda includes me as well… but I did interpret it in a way since I have seen this film a couple of more times than the others. Again it was like an abstract painting, where each one perceives his own thoughts and views.. as we say "If u get it you get it, if you don’t you don’t " Again, adding to this, maybe the younger gen is still too young to look at life in such a deep thought.. but again its good we got to see such a film, mayb it did stimulate a couple of thinking cells in some more people. And asking about wat it was all about.. I will write about it soon in another post! alrite..

We had a short tea break………. for fifteen minutes..And I would like to announce…. the first networking session of Filmcamp began there…… it was fruitful for many I’m sure!

BACK TO SEATS!!!! we started with the first independant short film for the camp…… and it was a Kannada movie.(made me proud to find one) will try screening this film for all you RTFF members sometime in the next RTFF…….I would say which was soo well thought and made…… It was called Hasivu – hunger by Jayathirtha


“Hasivu” depicts two characters who accidentally meet while traveling in a train. A young man disillusioned in life and a woman in distress help mutually to find relief and comfort.

After this we had some real good discussion about the film from the participants, and we were happy to see such a good film being the first film of the camp. The first question was, why did he shy away from the erotic factor from one of the scene  in the film, and I would say the answers given back were pretty appropriate and satisfying to me. Jayathirtha(the director of the film) has tried establishing the bond and given importance to the two strangers in the film a mother and son relation….. its beyond the sense of eroticism!!! its more sensitive and thoughtful film. He, the film maker confessed it was a story inspired from a short story he read during the tough times…KUDOS to him as well… great story and well said…… if you are lucky we wil try gettin him for the forth comng RTFF mayb!….

moving on to the next film……..’A Muslim But not a Terrorist" sounds intersting huh.. so did the movie turn out to be one!


The film is based on the global issue of terrorism, and its effects on the Muslim community.

The film is about the ordeal, that aslam goes through for being a Muslim. It is also about aslam’s dream of seeing peace in the world, and making it a better place to live in. it is about the bold step aslam takes to erase the stigma of terrorism on his community.

I think that says it all. Again we did have a discussion about this as well. but we did get a comment from one of the participant that it was a bit disturbing. It did alst for quite sometime.

Guided Storm by Tascha Eipe (Mumbai)



Can we ever find true love? What do we look for in relationships? Why do we chase after things we can’t have? ‘Guided Storm’ outlines the disillusions and the disappointments encountered in the search for someone. Swinging between memories and the present, a woman’s perspectives on love and life.

Chaar Deewari [The Four Walls] by Subhajit Dasgupta (Bangalore)



She lives in a solitary apartment with her sole companion – a four year old daughter. Her life is driven by a tireless and inflexible routine with all activities revolving around the child, the only respite being, a quiet game of solitare she plays during a fixed hour every night. However, her clockwork existence seems threatened, when scenes from one fateful night in her past come alive, pulling her involuntarily into its scheme of things and blurring the thin line between reality and imagination, past and present. Is she and her daughter the only people living in the apartment ? Are there secrets lurking within these four walls, that perhaps, even SHE doesnt know about ? ‘Chaar-Deewari’, aka, ‘The Four Walls’ is a dark psychological thriller/ surreal drama that unfolds within the four walls of an apartment during the course of one night

13.30pm – Screening of 5 movies made by 13-16 yr old Kids guided by Sanjay Nambiar called – “The Shoe Bite”, “The Pretenders”, “The Cheap Skates”, “The Stranger” and “The Goof Balls” and short Q&A with the kids.

4.30pm – Screening of movies:

Life in Sine by Salil Lal (Bangalore)



Karthik diagnosed with Cancer is more mentally depressed than the Physical ailment. Tina a nurse in the hospital and a former college-mate tries to pep him and see the brighter side of life, preparing him the food he likes, chiding him and reminding him of the his college days. Karthik is aloof to all her overtures until he is sees a small non-descript plant in the window ledge. His demeanor drastically changes to almost a manic state singing and taking the plant for his muse. He takes the lead in conversations with Tina. One day he sees the plant battered while Tina comes with the news that Karthik’s cancer is curable. Karthik is flung into emotional extremes as he regains his composure with Tina’s help.

Chances Are by Aloke Shetty (Bangalore)



An Indian city. Crossfire! A soldier fleeing his border post. A Woman interrogated. Wandering men on a dry, desolate land. Matter of life & Death. A stranger on a desperate quest. A mo-bike accident and the mundane life of a clerk changes forever.
They say it is only 6 degrees of separation – between strangers and those familiar. Chances are explores along these degrees where Cause and Effect dissolve with the invisible overlapping of circumstances.

‘A Perfect Day’ by Pawan Kumar (Bangalore)



‘A Perfect Day’ is a 5 min film, made in 101 hours according to the rules laid by the Genesis Film Project. Genesis film project invited 101 filmmakers and randomly gave each filmmaker a NGO to make a film about in 101 hours. I had got ‘Spastic Society of India’ . My film was choose as one of the best 25 entries. Film was shot on a 3ccd panasonic handy camera and edited on FCP.

In the film I have tried and explored what a perfect day could mean to a Spastic person, and how in reality it really turns out to be.

Dreamcatcher by Pawan Kumar (Bangalore)



Dreamcatcher is a 1 min film. It was made as an entry for the film competition organized by the Ability Foundation. The topic was ‘Celebrating diversity in Disability’. This film was selected at the Osians Films Festival for the talent campus Program and thus I was selected to go through the workshops at the Talent Campus.

The film is made to the topic. The thought behind the film was ‘ Is a disabled person also eligible to take part in a film making competition? And if he is, how would he make a film on ‘celebrating Diversity’

FilmCamp Day 2

10.00am – Screening of movies:

The Dead-end by Sushant Sudhakaran (Bhopal)



Dewa is a criminal and has made a terrible mistake. Dewa knows the punishment very well- a brutal death for himself and his family. He wants forgiveness, but knows that there is no ‘forgive or forget’ in his business.

He is not afraid of death, but wants his family to be safe. He searches and searches for ways to save his family but soon realizes the fact that he is standing at ‘THE DEAD-END”.

Revolving around crime and punishment and a man’s internal struggle to find a solution, ‘The Dead-end’ is a touching and humane story with a shocking twist in the end.

Day in a Office by Anil Kumar S (Bangalore)



It looks at Techie’s life in a office and one of the processes of Office in Skewed/exaggarated way.

DO NOT CROSS THE LINE by Roopam Baruah (Bangalore)



The movie deals with the portrayal of violence by the contemporary media. The "protagonist" of the movie is the "camera" who commits suicide.

Harakiri by Vamsi Tetali (Pune) – A thriller film

11.30am – Talk by Anand Krishnamoorthi, Senior Faculty, LV Prasad Film & TV Academy, Chennai on Independent film production

12.15pm – Talk by Colomba Damiani, producer from Europe on the documentary that she is working for BBC and how India and Europe can collaborate in movie making through European guilds.

12.30pm – Panel discussion on technical issues facing independent film makers with panelists like Sanjay Jha and Anand Krishnamoorthi

1.30pm – Lunch

2.30pm – Screening of movies:

Passion Price Present by Gangadhar Panday (Hyderabad)



A lady comes to see her ex-boss after a gap and presents him a gift.
They chat on issues ranging from personal to social. When the lady
leaves, the man opens the gift only to slip into nostalgia. The drama

Arivina Haadi by Naveen Dwarakanath (Bangalore)



A small boy who is not interested in studies leaves home after getting demotivated with all dreams in his mind. The story then continues as to what happens to him once he comes to city. Does he become successful or not? Does education play an important role? Does he achieve his dreams..?

Scales of Grey by Ritesh Solanki (Mumbai)


Siddhartha, a film school student, believes in a certain kind of ideology. He wishes to make the kind of movies he believes in and to make his dream come true he has to struggle a lot at every stage of film making, and it’s through these scales of grey that Siddhartha comes out a winner.

Carried away…by P. Vishnu Vijayan (Bangalore)



What do a soldier, a F1 racer and a body double have in common ? A valid reason and a purpose – for what they do. Do we have it ?

Revelation – the Cue by Gautham Geddam (Bangalore) – A guy searching for a match box to light his cigarette in the dead of the night.

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Just kinda checking out the features of the windows live package…… hmmmm they are tryin so hard to be in the market u know…. good attempt microsoft

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Midnite Ooota…..

fork and knifeHello….. I m so hungry.. its 1 30 am as i m writing this post. I was talkin to my fren on Gtalk… and suddenly this whole topic of “if hari can cook” came up… and I was telling her that i could…….. this all led to make me feel even more hungry… so I couldn resist any longer………. put my fren on hold.. and went on a quest of food in my kitchen… just to find a few HIDE n SEEK biscuits only and a golden pear to eat.. I was glad I found atleast that… lol… cause generally there is another midnite food stealer in my house… thought he would hav finished it….. luckily it was my midnite snack he he……. so i got it back to my room with a glass of ice cold water… just in case you see……

Its a different worldly feel altogether eating at this time……. so try it at home he he…..

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. says a old quote…… eat a midnite dinner like hari.. says the new quote he he πŸ˜€


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