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Vaaranam Aayiram



Another brilliant cinema from director Gautham Vasudev Menon, after not-so-noticed Pachaikili Mutthucharam ( starring Sharath Kumar and Jyothika).

Vaaranam Aayiram which means ‘fleet of a thousand elephants’ a metaphor for the ‘force of emotions one goes through which is as forceful as of the elephants fleet). This movie stars Surya, Simran, Sameera Reddy, and Divya Spandana aka Ramya. Should not forget to mention the not-so-noticed sisters role who played to be a great support character.

I loved this movie personally. It connected to my life, or the story of someone else’s really well. Should agree it does not have a story line as with a start, a middle and an end. But is a sensitive capture of the life of two men- a father and his son, on how they influenced eachothers life. An autobiographical  depiction of directors real life emotions with his father and his demise.

This movie captures all flavors of life from petty fights, love, parenting, parental love, depressions, realization, achievements, focus and finally death in a span of three hours. Brilliant cinematography, especially the intro shot of the Young Surya in an Helicopter in the sky, on a rescue mission. Just spell bounding shot to me. Surya as an actor has set a benchmark and great expectation for other actors of the industry. Phenomenal performance and his portrayal of emotions are just a class apart. The music is a great asset to the film, now that I listen to this song atleast twice a day. Simran plays her role gracefully. SAMEERA REDDY – Man! I am in love with her smile, no wonder he fall in love with her so much in the movie. Well done by her after a real long time. Ramya does not have a great presence but sure is a important character of the film who makes a difference in a man’s life.

Gautham Menon as a director still is a school of filmmaking. So much to learn from this man. The way he handles parallel subjects in the same film, is stupendous. And his portrayal of the female/women in his films are wonderful. They are simple, elegant, and confident. This makes his films more broadminded and worldly. This film surely a new perspective of Gauthams ventures from all the cop stories and love stories he’s made in the past.

In the end, A WONDERFUL FILM, which I loved.( I don really expect the same from any other spectator, as each one connects at a different level to a film)  Great work Gautham. Learning from every frame.

A brilliantly captured, sensitively thought and immensely felt,

fleet of emotions which are lost and found in every man’s life.

Rating: 3.5/5

On favoritism: 4/5 😀


P.S. There is so much more to say about this film. But I am just thinking, I shall keep this short and let you all watch the movie. 🙂



Was walking my path alone

You bloomed by the way the sun shone

Was glad to see you, that is true

As time parted us

Don’t walk beside me, I asked.

I don’t want to get used to you.

Was reading the same story

Life read to me some moments ago.

Never realized those minutes

were a few years and so.

The same smile that made me happy

Never wished, it flew out of my will.

Wanted it to last, this time

Unfair I am as ever

the smile should always belong to you.

Don’t walk beside me, I asked.

I don’t want to get used to you.

Just to see it last, I agreed

You and I walk by till time gets busy

Accepting things has always been my destiny

Memories of minutes with you

Treasure it just like, I have to care of a dew.

I still wished….times unspoken,

You did’nt walk beside me.

I don’t want to get used to you.

My Top 5 Best Kannada Songs

Kannada songs have a reached a new spectrum off late. Never was a great fan of them for a few years now. It could be that I haven’t heard the right song during all these years. But still, now I have a great set of Kannada songs which I love listening to…. and most of it is composed by just one music director “Manu Murthy” who shot to fame with his music in a Kannada film called ‘Mungaaru Male'(though I haven’t watched it). Seems to me the world loved it. So, I have no comments over that, except for its music which was very simple and soothing. Gave a new life to the music world of Kannada industry of recent times. Then he continued to prove his art in all his successive films. My list also includes the maestro Ilayaraja. He has spellbound me with this track “Jotheyali” and last but not the least, the radio starring track : Jinke Marina for its local rendition, funny lyrics with mass BG.


The Top 5 Kannada Songs:

No.1: Male Ninthu Hodha Mele | Film: Milana | Music: Manu Murthy

No.2: Jotheyali Jotheyali | Film: Geetha | Music: Ilayaraja

No.3: Minchagi | Film: Gaalipata | Music: Manu Murthy

No.4: Anisuthide | Film: Mungaaru Male | Music: Manu Murthy

No.5: Jinke Mari Na | Film: Nanda Nandhita | Music: 😦



I would love to get introduced to more good kannada tracks which I have not noticed. Reasons are a many for not noticing.  If someone’s got a choice or an suggestion, do ping ( google: or leave a comment. Again, I have the freedom to like it or not. But would really appreciate the effort. 🙂


P.S: There is another track which is unique in every way. Its called Mahadeshwara by Raghupathi Dixit. I couldn find this track online. If someone gets hold of it, let me know. I adore this track. Words are few to describe. Would leave it to the ear to relish. 🙂

ROCK meets Carnatic – Band Hamsadhwani

I found this band ‘Hamsadhwani’ video on Orkut. They performed the song "Nagumomo and Mahaganapatim" at the sunday jam which happens every month in Bangalore.

This blend was so perfect and rocking! I loved every inch of their jam. The essence of carnatic music lasts and so does the elements of rock in it. I appreciate that they use so many indian instruments as well like Ganjeera and Tabla. I became their fan the moment i heard them singing. Great going guys!!!!!

This is Mahaganapatim from the same badnd "Hamsadhwani" 🙂

I am glad to listen to and see something like this happen here in Benagaluru lol~… where everyone goes on ga-ga over western music and a little over ours, but when work is put out like this where it is brought together, it makes everyone happy.. like me~!!!!!  😀 We have so much in our history of music in India, where the new generation has opened a few and bought it to lime light, but there is so much more we could actually discover from our roots.

I would surely like to hear more from this band as well as such passionate artist in our own city….. I GUESS SOON WE SHOULD HAVE A JAM FOR FSUION of such sort or something………


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