My ride between the monsters at 11.00 pm

Its was another late night ride for me, which I have been riding so offlate, sometime after I started working. But this one today at 11 pm seemed very interesting and I felt so good riding my ” BIKE- its a blue pulsar 150cc” at that time. I was carrying some extra weight on bike too, my buddy. It was a 15 kms ride from Yelahanka to my house. This time, I was well equipped with a jacket to protect me from the cold winds, did not want to catch a cold or anything cause I was attending the “writers meet” on Sunday and I was taking someone out for lunch too after that. I realised one thing that my ride missed on for the past few late night ride, was the ipod shuffle which I own {a real proud owner of one, i should say}and today I had it with me, with one of the best track put on it from hiphop to techno, rock to ragaas to which I was rocking my head all the way home, making people think, that this guys is gone crazy in the middle of the night, I m sure my buddy who was sitting behind me also thought the same, though he was listening to, I guess some local FM channel, I m sure it must have been Radio one, spill your dil or some so called ” love gurus” that is. He had to tune on the radio cause he was sure that I aint gonna be listening to his blahs and blahs cause I was all away in glory, blasting my ipod with an in-ear earphone {not the apple one, got a sony for the effect} and it rocked. And he never complained cause just before i started I asked him:

me: is there something you want to tell me

buddy: kyon re? wat do u want me to tell.

me: I dunno. Just make use of this time to tell me anything, cause for the next 20 mins I m not gonna listen to whatever you gonna say even if you shout.

buddy: saala… i pod huh? thera bohuth hogaya re

me: whatever… just sit lets go

buddy: chal

I started off with Coldplays “yellow” and bike was a constant, then it shifted to another track called ” scientist “… then suddenly, the track changed to David Guetta’s Love is gone-radio edit… when the song hit the bit, I was on a sudden travel high, that I felt like a star and started cruising smoothly like a ship sailing through icebergs, I was cruising through the late night monsters [lorries] and made them look like losers. ha ha


oh my god, it was a dog.. suddenly crossed the road, i saved the dog, but it scared the hell outta my buddy sitting behind me.. 😀

me: sorry bro.. couldn see. the dog camouflaged

my buddy: its ok dude. My legs are shivering.

me: ha ha…..ok fine lets go…. if you want to finish your natures call, go ahead.

my buddy: hmmmm… naaa

me: ok lets hit it. I m already late for the morning. ha ha

when, this happened, I had paused a track…. but it shifted to a track of eagles and then as i rode along I had ‘stings- fields of gold’ and then back to back with tracks of Linkin Park increasing my thought tempo and so of my bike.

vroom… slow.. slow…. almost reaching halt at the road end of my house. CLANG### opened my gate. parked my bike in a most dignified way, he need to treated. and bid him a good bye and thanked him for wonderful ride.. and said: “we should do this sometime again.” he just nodded to his left as I locked him. 😀

Well a few shots in a 20 min ride: My night looked like this

bike ride-4

thats my BIKE

bike ride-3

The Monsters at 11 pm

Bike ride at 11

bike ride-2

2 Responses to “My ride between the monsters at 11.00 pm”

  1. 1 vinu December 2, 2007 at 2:42 am

    i am still recuperating after a general shit accident last saturday 😦 In Bombay right now. Will catch up more once I am back this week …

  2. 2 harii December 3, 2007 at 11:11 am

    @vinu: OH my god… I hope you are fine now. Wat happened exactly?????? Ok talk to you soon once you are in town bro. btw the writers meet at mocha went on well. 🙂

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