Well…Delicious Cinema it was; RTFF 3 on 9th Sept. ’07

My second time at RTFF and again had a good time at screening. and let me mention, this time I got to be a volunteer too… and got a cool t shirt……….so getting back to the day, this time, we good movies to watch and again some little discussion. Not like the last time though, where we had some real good debate, discussions, opnions…… Hmmm anyways everyday cannot be a sunday though…. The screening started half hour late to the time scheduled[happens ppl ;)]….. and ppl started coming in slowly…… We watched around 6 n 1/2 independant films and 2 features…… But this time I liked all of them… except for the OUt fo the box by Victor Lazaro.. which we couldn catch it on the screen but on a laptop. as we had to wind up for the day….. but desperately wanted to watch it…..this drove us to extent of watchin it on a laptop in batches he he.. can we get more unconference =) and ya lets not forget the 2 RED BULL girls who actually premiered our afternoon-evening kinda time with some RED BULLS 😉 and every body got wiiinngss and we flew to the start of the day… 🙂

The first movie was called ‘3’ by Lijo, in which Pawan Kumar acted as well…. it was one well shot film and thats wat I thought till the time the movie got over and Pawan explained the movie. And I still think so too.. It was all about this revenge of a brother fulfilled through someone elses action co-incidentally. I should agree the whole lighting of the film and the editing added to the mood and feel of the film, especially when Pawan find Lijo cryin after the murder…..and also the last scene where Pawan starts talking….. a very ah-huh kinda way(i think you got wat i meant). And talking about the making, it sounded very adventerous to me.. cause I really am surprised by the drive and involvement. When Pawan explained that the last dialogue without a visual was done through a recording in sound recorder.. I was like that super cool man, nobody would have even guessed rite!!!!!!! unfortunately the director was not present on the day to defend some brickbats or take in the compliments.

next…. ROSHOMON (the first time)……before the movies started couple of them told us to look out for the scene composition, as Kursowas movies have meaning to each frame composition… and seriously i was tryin to real hard to capture each moment on the film, though the dialect was Japanese, actually you do not need cause the actions and the angles tell you the story as the visuals move on….. at one point of the movie it striked to me, that the narration of this story very much resembles to Kamal Hassan’s directorial venture ‘VIRUMANDI’ a tamil film. Both story revolves around a murder and the different perspective narration, only difference being, in Rashomon it has four narration, while the tamil one had just two. But the kind of stories are completely different. The movie went and every one were surely glued to their seats…..so was I…… after the movie, on of the members [sorry don remember his name] started talking about some compositions that he observed and what that kinda meant, i was like, dude i missed htat he he.. but still anywyas,,,,,,, I should tell you that one good discussion and the only i guess that we had apart from the one that came up after we saw Sanjay NAmbiar’s films. I should tell you he was all in limelight at that point of time…. as the storm of discussion cooled on, we went on to have our Pate pooja… of some good food from Chung wah [credits to hasina] we soon got back to our places… just before we started Sanjays film… we had a small announcement to make about the FILMCAMP that was happening on the 6th and the7th of October and wat it was all about…. if you wanna know wat it was about.. just log on to http://www.filmcamp.in

Its 12 32 am as i am writing this… so wil hit the sack and will continue to do so tomo.. sorry kinda feelin sleep after a long day.. yawwwnnn…….


4 Responses to “Well…Delicious Cinema it was; RTFF 3 on 9th Sept. ’07”

  1. 1 Thejesh GN September 12, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    I hope people liked the Ts 🙂

  2. 2 harii September 12, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    Oh I loved it thej…..Its like we are a gang of our own, which is so so cool.. btw.. before you came in we had this pic shot by the red bull girls… with all the T;s guys and a can of redbull in their hand……. Thumbs up to you buddy!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. 3 lijo jose pellisssery September 12, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    hello friends ,

    i am Lijo ,the director of “3” ,the first film screened in the rtff3 .
    thanks to everyone who spared time to see the film.
    am looking forward for your reviews .

  4. 4 lijo jose pellisssery September 12, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    regards &prayers

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