RTFF 3 is BACK. Sept 9th , Sunday ,’07

I can’t wait for this Sunday… i could actually see some interesting cinema lined up for this screening…. but could see only a couple of indie films sadly…hope we could just have more ppl playin screening their films…. anyways….gettin back to the writing….”the best part was. the registrations happened at a very rapid pace.. we were HOUSEFULL in amost less than a couple of days… and Hrish had to foricibly stop the registrations…… as we were gettin more enthusiasts this time…… The spirit is very much alive…..as ever…..”

Lets see which film we get to watch finally at the day of the screening… on my part I suggested we watch a new film called ” Blue Umbrella” which i did get to watch in the theatres.. but unfortunately it didn stay in the theaters for too long… 😦

This time its happening in the new chung wah at koramangala, its a nice place [i liked it] been there wen it was inaugrated…. so watch out for some really yummy food.. i m skippin ma lunch for the dinner. hee hee.. I m not marketing Chung wah lol…..

On a serious note.. I posted this suggestion, and would ask here too.. shouldn we be talkin about the history of cinema for sometime, so we know the roots as well as its quite an information for the people…. where in we could actually hunt for some info in cinema,,,, say this time its ” Indian Cinema” any kind of facts, methods of cinema, progression during a time phase….. anything related for that matter… LEts call it ” GYAN MINUTES” of RTFF 3…… I think its a real great idea..

Again thanks to Hrish and thej… for their organising capapbilites..and i m glad this time I m in the volunteers list too…it is something to feel great abt he he….

Hmmmm anywyas rite now its 1.52 am as i m writing this post…. so i better hit the sack now… gotta get back to work in the morning…. Hope to see all the rocker members of RTFF 3 soon [obviously this sunday]


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