Roof Top Film Festival 3 – BRTFF 2 Revisting

The Roof Top Film Festival , Bangalore is back again for their 3rd screening at Chung Wah Koramangala on 9th of sept’ 2007. The registrationsare open…..

This time its opening to a newer crowd at Koramangala with Chung wah being the host…. just like last time…. thanks to Hasina and again a special thanks for that special yummy menu… If u are wondering what it is log on

Hmmm last time it was called the BRTFF 2, after long debates now we call it the RTFF 3.. though the spirit remains the same as ever… ROCKING….. BRTFF 2 was my first time.. and I loved it. I sat through every frame of film that were played… mostly apprciated the effort all the film makers have taken to put up imagination into visuals.

We saw a reedited version of Vatsa’s Mission Zero.. which I would say was quite some effort shown with the resources they could have…… and then it was followed with a very interstingly thought film ” Lemon Chai” nothing related to chai though, but a complete metaphor to its name….it was a film on preception of gays in the soceity, on how different people react to it differently. As the day moved on saw another film called Woman ( a pyschic movie i would say, i mean based more on the mind of a person} to my observation I saw that day most of the movies played were dark and bit low, then came a movie bringin some smiles on the face DON 3 followed by another film on Prophecy.

Don worry, we did have our lunch inbetween, anyways been hoggin as were watching.. so that really didn make me hungry dunno abt the others….. Then we went on to watch a low budget feature film called “by hook or crook” which was quite a different movie from the usual,as it was treated in different way.. I should mention that the performers in the film were great….. by the end of screening.. A thought just ran across my mind… wow.. that was good cinema and that was a great crowd…… as again BRTFF roxxxx….. met so many interesting ppl, with great talent……. bid off the day after i watched Thej [] and Hrish [] do their events Bangalore shoot on the screenings that day…. It was day i ended with a big smile and a developed imagination i would say…….

I would like to add this too: watever the film mite be, I really appreciate and love the effort and passion these young filmakers have towards their films.. I wish, that i would screen my film here ….and I really get as dedicated as these guys are….

and now this time for RTFF 3, most eagerly awaited.. its happening at Chung Wah koramangala on the 9th of sept… Hope to see great cinema and all the enthus of RTFF community…….

We have so much cinema to talk…..


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